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8:19 a.m. - 2007-09-29
Is it true that it's 'Better Late Than Never'?
Is this thing on?

Many many reasons as to why I've been MIA - but mostly it has to do with my job. I can no longer update at work, and frankly, I'm surprised I haven't been fired yet for all the surfing I do. It's a government job and they're a little touchy about content on the internet. Go figure.

Biggest news, I suppose, is that the BoyToy and I got married. We were married in April, in Bisbee Az, where the only Serbian Orthodox church exists in the lower 50 states. I looked pretty damn beautiful, if I do say so myself, and he looked as handsome as I could imagine. The ceremony consisted of us wearing crowns, tying our hands together, sipping wine, walking around the table 3 times for good luck, and a the touching proclamation by the priest "Wee - that's it. You're married". We danced in circles to strange music, drank like the fish we are, and pretty much had the happiest day of my life.

We went on a cruise to Mexico for the honeymoon. It was the Carnival Pride, and I pretty much had the semi-homophobic husband convinced that it was a gay cruise, which was why the tickets were so cheap. I had a good time with that one.

We immediately began looking for a house and ended up buying a "fixer-upper" in June. In case you don't know me, the term "fixer-upper" is as about as opposite as you can fucking get from my personality. I want it done and finished and perfect for me. Period.

We spent two hellish weeks re-doing the house. Floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom - everything. We were almost divorced by July because of this fucking house. His nickname for me was "raving bitch" and mine for him was "never-finish-what-you-started-asshole". But we made it, and now it looks amazing and it finally feels like home.

We've settled into a nice routine - life is pretty good right now. We're trying for a family - which is hilarious to me. For instance, my friend at work just found out she's having a boy this winter and I'm begging her to name him Liberachi. I mean, come on. That's funny right? Imagine what kind of mom I could be!!

What else? Oh yeah - we're watching season two of Dynasty. It's quite possibly the best show on the planet.

Alexis Carrington is my hero.

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